Five of us from TwoSixNine put together a briefcase that takes pocket change on one end, and prints out Bitcoin private keys on the other.

We thought it was a pretty cool hack, so we brought it to DEF CON because we thought people might like it.

And like it they did:

and this is awesome. We weren't expecting the incredibly positive reception to our hack, but we're glad you dig it. Thank You.

We were also not expecting the number of people who assumed we were planning to produce and sell these as a product. "How much?", "When will they be available?", and "Can you make one for my hackerspace and/or Bitcoin meetup?" were common questions that we were not ready for.

And then the recommendations for improvements came in. Battery power, bill acceptors, magnetic stripe and NFC readers, webcams, touch screens, and SMS transactions were suggested.

So, we're going to try it.

The plan is to clean up and open source our code and make free instructions available so you can build one yourself.

We will also sell kits with preconfigured components to help you get started.

And we will also offer fully-assembled BitcoinBriefacses for purchase. We will consider developing custom enhancements on request.

The prototype that you've seen is fully functional, and over DEF CON we processed about a thousand transactions. There's code to clean up, bugs to shake out, and improvements in the design that will make the Briefcase lighter, faster and more reliable.